We are directors and producers with a close affinity for reality.


We do documentaries, TV reports, campaigns and commercials.


We develop stories for different formats: film, podcast, text.


We edit, we film and we write for TV, cinema and the internet and we work for others.

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We offer international productions help with realizing their projects in Berlin and Germany.

Hendrik Löbbert

Since his studies at Weimar and Montreal (Media Design, Photography, Video art) Hendrik has worked as Author, director and camera man. He was part of the award winning documentary „Trouble – Teatime in Heiligendamm“ and has produced videos for german newspapers such as Die Zeit, Tagesspiegel and Die Welt. Between 2009 and 2011 he produced an online video campaign for VW in China. Grenzbock was his first full length feature documentary which was co-produced by Arte and Wüste Film West.

Johanna Domke

Johanna Domke wuchs in Deutschland und Argentinien auf und studierte zunächst Freie Kunst in Dänemark und Schweden. An der Kunsthochschule für Medien in Köln studierte sie Filmregie, Schnitt und Produktion. Ihr Dokumentarfilm CROP (2013) wurde auf zahlreichen internationalen Festivals gezeigt und mehrfach ausgezeichnet. Der vom WDR Co-Produzierter Kinodokumentarfilm DREAMAWAY, lief unter anderem auf dem Karolvy Vary International Film Festival und auf dem BFI Filmfestival in London. Johanna Domke arbeitet als freie Redakteurin beim NDR.

Caroline Ektander

Caroline Ektander is a Swedish writer and designer currently pursuing a practice-based PhD at the Bauhaus University in Weimar. Her work explores and troubles prevalent narratives about permanent pollution in post-industrial contexts, with particular focus on the heavily contaminated chemical town Bitterfeld-Wolfen, in former East Germany. Together with Hendrik Löbbert she has co-authored film scripts on memory science, industrial poisons, and the struggle of four tiny island communities off the west coast of Scotland to survive in the periphery.

Klaus Neumann-Ege

Klaus edited an international print magazine for digital art in Hamburg. He produced political talk shows and worked as a independent journalist and producer. He made TV reports, documentaries and …cinema, he did the programming for the german press agency DPA and co founded a creative gaming festival. Born into the east of germany in 1979  his work is fueled by a fascination for cultural, technological and social progress.