False Memories

Memories – they are not to be kept.

Our legal system accepts just one truth. Only one version of the events remain after the judge’s verdict. Very often this final truth is based on memories.

False memories make witnesses identify suspects they never met. They generate victims of sexual abuse, when there was no crime. And they can convince innocent people that they themselves became violent criminals.

The documentary film illustrates the consequences of false memories in court along real cases.

Documentary film (45 minutes)
See the complete movie in German here: 3sat-Mediathek

This is a production of non fiction society commissioned by ZDF/3sat.
Financial support by “Investitionsbank des Landes Brandenburg” (ILB).

  • Author & Director Hendrik Löbbert, Klaus Neumann-Ege
  • DOP Pedram Kramer
  • Sound Marcel Weise
  • Lights: Sebastian Klatt
  • Set design Lena Fay