The Emergency Dilemma

There are rules for difficult life and death-decisions. They put our moral compass to the test. Like a magnifying glass they enlarge our norms and values.

A terror attack, a natural disaster, a crowded emergency room: rescue medics and physicians sometimes have more patients than resources. Then they have to decide who to help first. Sometimes rescuing one person leads to the death for another.

Self-driving cars need moral guard rails, too. In Germany an ethic commission decided: sensors must not discriminate between man or woman, child or elderly. The number of victims might influence the cars decision on the other hand.


Documentary film (45 minutes)
See the complete movie in German here: 3sat-Mediathek

This is a production of non fiction society commissioned by ZDF/3sat.
Financial support by “Investitionsbank des Landes Brandenburg” (ILB).

  • Author & Director Klaus Neumann-Ege, Hendrik Löbbert
  • DOP Immanuel Hick
  • Sound Lorenz Fischer, Alexandra Praet
  • Animation House of Creatures