Leinen los zum Saisonbeginn (report, NDR)

Hard work, long days and always under time pressure. There is not much left of the dusty romance of boatbuilding with wood, a plane and a pipe in the corner of the mouth. For Leif Reincke and Lukas Feierabend, this is exactly what they need. A year ago they moved into a hall in Wendtorf near Kiel and founded the Bottsand Bootsbau shipyard there.

TV-Documentary (29′)

complete film NDR-Mediathek

produced by Kabuja Filmproduktion for NDR

  • Author/Director  Johanna Domke
  • Camera  Michael Schröder
  • Editor  Dennis Rieper
  • Producer  Thorsten Köpp
  • Editorial  Sven Nielsen