Animal Rights

In 2002 Animal Rights became a part of the German constitution – a new state goal.

Pet owners instinctively know that their dogs and cats have emotions. Now scientists are able to prove emotions in all kinds of animals – from pigs to honey bees. What does that mean for the rights we humans grant animals?

The science documentary film seeks answers on how animal welfare and animal rights can be newly defined – given new scientific knowledge and huge economic interests.

Documentary film (45 minutes)
complete movie in German: 3sat-Mediathek

This is a non fiction society production commissioned by ZDF/3sat.

  • Author & Director Klaus Neumann-Ege, Hendrik Löbbert
  • DOP Immanuel Hick
  • Sound Joscha Eickel
  • Editing Carsten Piefke
  • Grading David Holfelder
  • Sound Mixing Sebastian Schmidt