Drugs have always been with mankind. And yet they have a miserable image. Scientists have nevertheless been certain for a long time: under certain circumstances, we can make use of certain psychedelics. Today, we are on the verge of therapeutic approval for MDMA, psilocybin and LSD. Do we need to change our relationship to certain drugs?

TV-Documentary (28′)

complete film Arte-Mediathek

produced by MobyDok

Author/Director: Hendrik Löbbert

Camera: Immanuel Hick, Felix Schmilinsky

Editor: Christoph Dechant

Animation: Atelier Hurra

Editor mobyDOK: Isabelle Lange

Producer mobyDOK: Gesa Hinterlang, Cathleen Hoffmann

Produced by: Alexander Lahl, Max Mönch

Editor BR: Daniel Schwenk