Hunters (Arte/rbb)

For the last time, Hubertus Meckelmann has the horn sound for a beating-hunt in the wild.

The heart of the former parade ground is soon to be off-limits for hunting. For the territories around it, this is an imposition, since the carefully controlled populations of red deer, fallow deer and boar will be completely disrupted.
The return of the wolf cannot alter this, and most hunters in Brandenburg consider it unwelcome there, anyway.
GRENZBOCK accompanies three hunters through their forests and reveals in long, calm shots the worldviews beneath hunter-parlance and loden coats.

Documentary (80 minutes)

Together with ARTE, in cooperation with RBB,
supported by Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg.
A Wüste Film West production

Script, Director: Hendrik Löbbert

Camera: Hajo Schomerus

Editor: Anja Siemens

Music: Bernd Schurer

Producer: Kristina Löbbert